Eileen Cai Awarded Global Leader Award

Eileen Cai and Mayor Vi Lyles 425.jpgMAY 26, 2022—At the Mayor's International Community Awards (MICA), Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles recently presented The Global Leader Award to Eileen Cai (photo right) for her success with building international partnerships, bringing  investments to Charlotte, as well as her leadership through the Japan America Society of North Carolina and the Carolinas Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

The Charlotte International Cabinet and the Office of the Mayor have hosted the Mayor's International Community Awards (MICA) since 1998. This event honors foreign-owned firms in the Charlotte region for their outstanding contributions to philanthropy.  MICA also recognizes three individuals or organizations who have displayed strong leadership and contributed to the development of Charlotte's international community.

“Charlotte is known as a diverse, international city, where our strength and our appeal to newcomers is built through our diversity,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. “This year’s MICA award winners demonstrate all the positive attributes that are valued in companies that embrace their community through public service.”

Previous winners of the Global Leader Award:
Lal Vishin, 2019
Najam & Farah Usmani, 2018
Wendy Pascual, 2017
Dr. Maha Gingrich, 2016
Klaus and Concha Becker, 2015
Lucia Zapata Griffith, 2014
Dr. Nini Bautista, 2013
Dr. John Chen, 2012